Title: CRIMINI ESEMPLARI – chamber musical (original title: Crimenes Ejemplares)

Line-up: Voices (2), Piano, Keyboards, Violin, Flute, Guitar, Drums

Release date: 1999

Lenght: 1 hour

Premiere: March 19th 1999 , Urbino Art Academy, Italy

Commissioner: Urbino Art Academy, Italy

Players: Maria Paola Benedetti (voice), Romina Veschi (voice), Arturo Eusebi (voice); Mario Mariani (piano, vocals, keyboards); Matia Costantini (percussions, violin, accordion); Simone Sciocchetti (vocals, drums); Francesco Manna (flute, guitar); Filippo Costantini (guitar); directed by Francesco Calcagnini

Composer’s notes:
If you wish to have an idea about how to follow this show, which is a little bit acted, a little bit sang and a little bit not, act like if you were just arrived on the scene of a car accident, getting part of the crowd seeking for informations and anxious to repeat them to the new arrivals, while being thankful deep inside your heart for not being the unlucky one, this time.
Every now and then you will fill sympathetic to the killer, because that was the only sensed thing to do, but sometimes in the same circumstances you might have acted differently, perhaps. Anyway… You will feel slightly envy for they did it.
Being competitive with the greatest serial killer: the Death.