Line-up: Violin, Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Guitar, 2 Timpani, Piano (4 Hands), Synthesizer (with “gun-shot” sound); Alternate Line Ups: Orchestra or String Quintet with Piano

Release date: 2006

Lenght: 4’43 min.

Premiere: May 14th 2006 Teatro Binario, Monza (Milan), Italy

Commissioner: Musicamorfosi

Players: Children of Secundary Music School “Calasanzio” Director: Paolo De Lorenzi

Composer’s notes: Die Wolf-Gangsters is an amusement that plays in the ambiguity between the german “Die”, which is the plural article and the English “Die”, imagining a killer commando in charge to kill Papageno, the mythic character of Mozart’s Magic Flute. Every time the famous ascending motiv is played we hear a gun shot and this happens again when the theme from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is wrongly played, passing through Debussy’s Prelude à l’apres-midi d’un faune and the famous Danny Elfman’s Simpson’s Theme.
Other two versions are available: one for string quartet and one for piano and orchestra.