Title: LUZ, for orchestra

Line-up: String orchestra 8-6-4-4-3; 2 Oboe and 2 Horns positioned 30 mt away

Release date: 2006

Lenght: 13’23 min.

Premiere: April 20th 2006 Basilica della Santa Casa – Loreto, Italy

Commissioner: Virgo Lauretana Festival

Players: Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana. Director Michele Mariotti

Composer’s notes: Passio, Mors et Resurrectio. LUZ’s compositive intention comes from the drift of rappresentation of a symbol whose analogy has been researched through orchestra’s sound.
The title itself is an expression of the strenght of that symbol and its manifestation: LUZ is the sacred town where Jacob, in his dreams, had the vision of the “House of God” (Beith-El in hebrew, as the town will be called) and the angels’ ranks that surround it.
In hebrew LUZ is the almond tree, symbolically intended as expression of inner being and unassailability, and being that so, according to René Guenon, compared to the Virgin.

LUZ for orchestra is divided in three parts. The musical theme is based on three notes: Bb, Ab and Gb. Three different “sound levels” are present: the lower row, the one with a “telluric” body, expressed through double basses and cellos; the middle row, the one of the world and the soul, constantly wandering searching for harmony and an unison nearly achieved several times, expressed through violas and violins; in the end, the Spirit, expressed through oboes and horns that in the fixity of, on another level (physically extending the position), express the Absolute.
The path ends with the “re-birth”,abandoning the Ego, one’s own instrument, in the splendour of the revealed Light (at this moment the musicians put their instruments on their knees and start singing)