Title: A Silent Christmas (USA, 1906-1925)

Live set: Piano and Videoprojection (Silent Movie)

Running time: 1 h
Description: A Silent Christmas is a live show for piano and images that celebrates Christmas with four silent films, realized between 1906 and 1925.
Mainly unknown to big audiences, these movies are: “A trap for Santa”, by D.W.Griffith (1909);
“Santa Claus” (1925, by F.E.Kleinschmidt), an amazing story shot in Alaska; “A Christmas Carol”
(1910) and “A winter straw ride”, (unknown directors, both produced by Edison Corporation)

View or download the detailed brochures:

A Silent Christmas – english brochure (pdf)
A Silent Christmas – brochure italiano (pdf)

HAXAN: Witchcraft Through the Ages

Title: Haxan: Witchcraft trough the adges (Sweden 1922, by  Benjamin Christensen)

Live set: Piano and Silent Movie

Duration: 95

Description:  Haxan is a silent film by Benjamin Christensen halfway between horror films and the documentary . The film can be seen on the one hand , as one of the first works of horror , with infernal Sabbaths , masochistic nuns , torture instruments highlighted the barbaric practices of the Holy Inquisition;  the other as an important contribution of the silent film.





Title: The adventures of Prince Ahmed (Germany 1926, by Lotte Reinger)

Live set: Piano and Silent Movie

Duration: 65′

Description: The Adventures of Prince Ahmed” is the first animated feature ever made, inspired by the “One thousand and One Nights” and realized with the technique of striking silhouette, reminiscent of the shadow theater.

view or download the detailed brochures:

The adventures of Prince Ahmed – english brochure (pdf)
Le avventure del Principe Ahmed – brochure italiano (pdf)




Title: Life and Passion of Jesus Christ (France, 1903 by Lucien Nonguet and Ferdinand Zecca)

Live set: Piano and Videoprojection (Silent Movie)

Duration: 45′

Description:“Life and Passion of Jesus Christ” (France, 1903 by Lucien Nonguet and Ferdinand Zecca) is probably the first full-length movie in cinema history. The aesthetic recalls the plaster works in the parisienne church of S. Suplice. Some episodes in the movie imitate famous paintings, such as the great “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci.

view or download the detailed brochures:

The life and passion of Jesus Christ- english brochure (pdf)
Vita e Passione di Gesù Cristo – brochure italiano (pdf)



phantom of the opera

Title: The Phantom of the opera (USA, 1925 by Rupert Julian)

Live set: Piano and Silent Movie

Duration: 93′

Description: This is the first cinematographic transposition of the omonimus novel by Gaston Leroux, generally considered among the most beautiful and suggestive, making this movie an icon in silent films.

view or download the detailed brochures:

The Phantom Of The Opera – Brochure EN (PDF)

Il Fantasma dell’Opera – Brochure Italiano (PDF)


Other movies with live soundtrack available are:

Cabiria (Italy, 1914 by G.Pastrone – 105′)
L’Inferno (Italy, 1911 by F.Bertolini – 71′)
Pinocchio (Italy, 1911 by G.Antamoro – 42′)
Metropolis (Germany, 1927 by F.Lang – 117’/153′)
Man with a movie camera (URSS, 1929 by D.Vertov – 67)
Nosferatu (Germany, 1922 by F.W. Murnau – 84′)
Sunrise (Germany, 1927 by F.W. Murnau – 97′)
La souriante Madame Beudet (France, 1922 by Germaine Dulac – 38′)
The Kid (USA, 1921 by C.Chaplin – 51′)
Der Kabinet der Dr. Caligari (Germany, 1929 by R.Wiene – 71′)
The Lodger (UK, 1927 by A.Hitchcock – 90′)
Vampyr (France/Germany, 1932 by C.T.Dryer – 73′)
Paris qui dort (France, 1924 by R.Clair – 35′)
The Doll (Germany, 1919 by E.Lubitsch – 93′)
Cainà (Italy, 1922 by G.Righelli – 67′)
Battleship Potëmkin (URSS, 1925 by S.Ėjzenštejn – 67′)
The General (USA, 1926 by B.Keaton – 75′)
A trip to the moon (France, 1902 by G.Méliès – 16′)
Frankenstein (USA, 1910 by J.S.Dawley – 16′)

and many others on request…