Mario Mariani is an Italian avant-garde composer, pianist and performer strongly recognizable for his unconventional sounds. His style goes from contemporary music to theatrical performances, film scoring (Cannes, Venice, New York and Berlin Film Festivals) and television.
Mariani’s artistic core is rooted within improvised music often performing with other musicians, artists, actors and performers.
After creating the experimental group Broz Ensemble, Mariani approaches to film scoring, receiving public and critic acclaim for the opening themes of Venice Film Festival twice (1999-2001 and 2005-2007) as for all of Vittorio Moroni’s movies soundtracks.
He also crafts advertising music for brands such as Microsoft, Toyota, Fiat.

Mariani’s compositions go from orchestral music and opera to real-time performances.
He won the Novaracinefestival award for Best Soundtrack with the short and internationally acclaimed movie ‘Under my garden’ by A. Lodovichetti (awarded by Spike Lee).

He attracted further attention worldwide with some unconventional performances, like ‘extreme artistic residence’ where he brought a grand piano in Monte Nerone’s Cave (centre of Italy) and played a concert per night for a whole month.

Mario considers his music as a purely creative activity that gives itself away and becomes fruitful discussions on topical issues such as respect for mankind, environment and humanitarian projects.


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“Everything is a fluxus and music is no exception. Trying to expand the brain, the superior perception and the piano itself to their own limits is what I long to achieve.”

Mario Mariani