BROZ for string quartet (1992)

ACQUI for piano and 14 water instruments (1993)

AM I OR NOT A SERIOUS COMPOSER? for two flutes (1994)

ACUNA MI CUERPO, MUERTE (1997, rev. 2005) for baritone and string orchestra

THE MASTERPIE(R)CE (1998) for renaissance flute and string quartet

ISABELLA (1998) teen opera by Azio Corghi – arr. Mario Mariani

CRIMINI ESEMPLARI (2000) chamber musical

A PASSO DI GATTO (2003) for marching band

IL COLOMBRE (2005) for student orchestra

DIE WOLF-GANGSTERS (2006 ) for young criminals orchestra

LUZ for orchestra (2006)

IL PARLATORE ETERNO opera for baritone and seven pianos (2006)

BOLERO 2.0 for orchestra (2010)