In the summer of 2011 I embarked on a new experience. I built a small wooden house in a pine forest, on the border between Marche and Umbria and with the help of friends and supporters, then I founded the “Teatro Libero del Monte Nerone” (Free Theatre of Monte Nerone).
 Concerts, events and daily performances took place for over a month in this magical environment, before a captivated and participating audience.
This successful event led to the creation of ELEMENTALEA, inspired by and dedicated to the “spiritual creatures of nature” which Paracelsus defined as “elementals”.

In the course of one day I tried to channel the constant flow found within each of us, into a “composition in real time”, that is not controlled and not predetermined (hence the reference to Alea). 
That is the reason why I see this composition as being a “support for meditation” and I suggest it be listened to it in a secluded environment, in tranquillity and concentration, with the use of headphones or better still, outside in the open, re-creating and enriching once again the mystery of the never-ending symphony of nature in a process that is, for each of us, highly personal and unrepeatable.
Mario Mariani, March 2012

1 Invocation Mario Mariani 6:21 0,99 € View on iTunes
2 Avioloquium Mario Mariani 2:39 0,99 € View on iTunes
3 Il Soffio dell’ètiro Mario Mariani 4:01 0,99 € View on iTunes
4 Hymn Mario Mariani 5:55 0,99 € View on iTunes
5 Meditation on the Inner Temple Mario Mariani 10:23 With album only View on iTunes
6 Vespera Ad Astra Mario Mariani 4:20 0,99 € View on iTunes
7 Crepuscolaurea Mario Mariani 7:41 0,99 € View on iTunes
8 Sonata Castagna Mario Mariani 4:10 0,99 € View on iTunes
9 Midnight Sun Mario Mariani 6:25 0,99 € View on iTunes
10 Meditation (Theta waves) Mario Mariani 11:07 With album only View on iTunes

Mario Mariani – piano
Label:Zingaroton/Ala Bianca Publishing

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