“For a couragious composer, the artist who faces the absolute emptiness of References of today’s scene, like a barren and desolate no man’s land, between ripetitive styles and self-referential narcissims, the only thing to do is go straight forward and abandon yourself to a scanning that substains, beyond time, the going inside and out from serious music through evocative archetypes and sine-wave-like envelopments.
But in this Mario Mariani’s artwork the crossing of this no man’s land is not the belonging to any place, in a sort of squalid non-lieu, not clashing only nor inescapable only.
Here there is the bottom of hiddens and saved (…) where there is a fight between the self-celebrating life and the fragments of what will never come out to the Light and recalls us, with its whirling golden rope and its dark and static declinations, to the nekuia, the Dantesque trip and the Eckhartian grund, which is at the same time an act of undeniable patency and unavoidable disgrace, but nevertheless of a generous impulse and enchanting trust, like a repeal, not a psychic daydreaming but a powerful future memory calling”

by Sandro Giovannini (October 2011)

Intemporanea by Mario Mariani (2011)
Urfuturistic suite for brasses, piano and virtual orchestra.
(with quotes from Ezra Pound, Francesco Balilla Pratella and Inno dei sommergibilisti)

Mario Mariani – piano, objects, electroacoustic elaborations
Ivan Gambini – clarinet, percussions
Barbara Piperno – flutes
Niccolò Bolognese – trumpet

Contemporary Music CD
Attached to “Libro-Manifesto” by VV. AA.
“Per una NUOVA OGGETTIVITA’, popolo, partecipazione, destino”

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