from the inner cd notes:

By referring to the “Utopia” concept, common intended as “non-place” or “ideal place” I mean “Utopiano” as the research of the “ideal sound”, “musical sign” that would be able to embrace the idea of other “signs”: the theatrical one and its movement; the cinematic one in its evocation of images and the “sign without sign”, abstract depth of a metaverbal expression as the music is.
“Utopiano” is also a declaration of intents, amongst them the “taking back” of the celebratory character of music, gathering in the musician the figures (one time coinciding) of the composer, improvisor and performer.
The different sound canvas are here obtained with many percussive and resonant objects and tools placed or played inside the piano, symbolically in a tension towards the origin of the sound without the mediation of the keyboard (here intended as the “mind apparatus”).
For its inner nature, for being listening, fundamental condition of the artistic process, this immaterial journey is dedicated to “the one who is listening…”

  1. bausch (5’39)
  2. variazioni sulle previsioni del tempo (4’48)
  3. notturno rumeno (5’41)
  4. cagliostro (5’23)
  5. bitume sonata (13’39)
  6. piano, raga (9’24)
  7. nidra (7’22)


Mario Mariani: piano, objects

Label: Vivi Records

Distributed by: Self

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